Box Silver Style Cross Section

This contemporary silver styled photo picture frame product in box style, has a thickness of 1.2" and a larger than average recess depth of
0.5" (12mm).



F Range White Silver Trim PictureFrame
1" White Silver Trim



F Range Black Silver Trim Photo Frame
1" Black Silver Trim
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Bulk Supply - F Range

F Range Box Silver Frame
1" Box Silver Style





F Range - Flat Smooth Flat Black Photo Picture Frame
1.25" Smooth Flat Black



F Range - Dome Black Picture Frame
1.75" Dome Black



F Range - Henly Mahogany Wood Picture Frame
1.75" Henly Mahogany Wood



F Range - Henly Antique Pine Wood Picture Frame
1.75" Henly Antique Pine Wood



F Range - Dome Beech Gold Picture Frame
1.5" Dome Beech Gold



F Range - Dome Beech Silver Picture Frame
1.5" Dome Beech Silver



F Range - Roof Top Style Silver Picture Frame
1.5" Roof Top Silver



F Range - Roof Top Style Dark Beech Picture Frame
1.5" Dark Beech


F Range Frame mouldings are made from a variety of quality wooden, acrylic, and MDF laminated covered frames. 

The two wood mouldings are Henly Antique Pine and Mahogany. The 2" Flat Black, Silver, and Dark Beech are made using an MDF base laminate covered.  The remaining frames (Box Silver, Dome Black, Flat Smooth Black, Dome Beech Gold & Silver, Silver Crackle) are manufactured using an acrylic base.  Frame crosscut samples may be provided on request. 

Frames come with hardback & integral hanging clips (up to size 20x16"), plus strut for picture frames up to 14x11 inch.  Crosscut samples can be supplied on request.



3.5x3.5 inch - 3.42
5x3.5 inch - 3.69
     5x4 inch - 3.94
5x5 inch -
6x4 inch - 3.94
7x5 inch - 4.30
8x6 inch - 4.67
8x8 inch - 5.13
9x7 inch - 5.13
10x8 inch - 5.52
A4 - 5.95
10x10 inch - 6.09
12x10 inch - 6.43
12x12 inch - 7.54
  14x11 inch - 7.75
A3 - 7.95
16x12 inch - 7.95
20x8 inch - 7.95
18x14 inch - 8.91
20x16 inch - 9.95
A2 - 12.10
24x18 inch - 11.50
24x20 inch - 12.10
28x20 inch - 13.50
30x20 inch - 15.00
31x23 inch - 16.94 36x24 inch - 27.65
F Range Frames Price List
Minimum Total NET Frame Order 100
All prices exclude VAT
A range of quality picture frame mouldings of between 1 and 3 inch of visible framing.  Frames are supplied in a wide variety of sizes up to a maximum of 36x24 inches (91.5x61cm).  F Range frames include wood, acrylic, and laminated covered MDF mouldings.  Further details provided below.

Supplied with glass, hard back, hanging clips or hooks (over A4 size), these display frames are suitable for Portrait or Landscape orientation and are ideal for display of pictures, photos, and certificates.  Frames up to 14x11 inches supplied with strut backs for desktop display.

Bulk Supply frames are delivered at a fixed pallet price of 29 (England & Wales) per total order, FREE for orders over 500.

F Range Wholesale Quality Picture Frames


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